Weekly update #15 [16-22/9] FINAL UPDATE

This has been a great GSoC. This was the final week I was working on the project within the GSoC program. I will be doing my evaluations soon. My code in phpMyAdmin has not been merged yet. However the server side code is complete with tests. I am hoping I will be merging the phpMA branch very soon.

This week I have done a major change to the way stacktraces are marked as different among the different incidents, to make it more versatile when reports are grouped. I have also corrected whatever few comments were given on the phpma code.

For the future work, I am going to change the way a part of the phpma code works. I want to output js in the ajax requests rather than json. js gets automatically executed and would simplify the client side js code a lot. However the current implementation of PMA_Response class does not allow js as far as I can tell. I am either going to use ‘echo’ statements or I will have to augment the response class to allow for js responses. I will also talk with my mentor about the best way for me to do this.

I hope that I will do well in my evaluations. I will definitely apply here again next year and hopefully they would have liked my previous work and accept me. This project was very appealing and interesting and allowed me to hone a lot of my web development abilities. It also taught me about designing a good architecture and about the intricacies of cakePHP. I was given freedom in many design choices and I learned from my mistakes. I also created a lot of unit tests. This was my first experience with PHPunit and I learned a lot.

This was my first work in opensource projects but hopefully it wouldn’t be the last. I am going to release at least one of the authentication components I have created as a cakePHP plugin so that no one else needs to reinvent the wheel. I will expand on them a bit and then add some unit tests and release them as a separate plugin. Hopefully this will be the first of many opensource projects that I will create.

Weekly update #14 [9/9-15/9]

I would have loved to say that this week I did alot but to say the truth I havent done much. It didnt help that I didnt find anything important to do, but it was mostly because I was swamped with preparations to my travel to Germany. I am writing this report in Germany right now.

As for the current state of the error reporting project. I believe it is ready to be released. I dont have any more clear ideas about how to make the system better. I have created alot of documentation and the server tests cover almost all of the code. I was actually able to do some refactoring relying on those tests safely.

I am creating another pull request with the latest changes. They are not much as stated earlier. I am going to ask the mailing list about what they think one last time. According to google next week is for docs since the soft deadline is tonight. I already created most of the docs but I think I have a little bit of undocumented code that may need some explanation.

I will be talking to my mentors on where to go from here and whether they think I should be doing something important at this time. But till then I will be getting a care free couple of days to enjoy Berlin. Hopefully I will also get the component merged into phpma/master soon.

Weekly update #13 [2/9-8/9]

This is technically my final update. I have finished with the testing and docs. I have also done some refactoring efforts of the phpma code as well as the server code. I still have some things to do but not much. I want the phpma branch to get merged soon.

I refactored the access control in the server. I also refactored the phpma code into a library and fixed failing tests. I added the documentation to all models and components. I left the controllers out for now since most of the functions are very simple. I may add some after the soft deadline. 

As for the error reporting server a few things are left like the server is not currently strong enough against a hostile attacker. I sanitize everything. and cakephp has a good security model but I believe I can make it stronger against hostile input.

I created 2 pull requests but they still haven’t been merged. I will try to have them merged this week. Next week I will be in Germany so I am not sure how much work will I be able to do there at first.

It has been a great summer working on this project. I am happy its almost complete 🙂

Weekly update #12 [26/8-1/9]

This week I have finished writing tests for the error reporting server. I have done tests for controllers and models. I am not going to test views or helpers because it would make the tests very fragile if we change a few html tags or classes. I have 100% coverage on almost all the covered files.

As for the phpmyadmin component. I refactored the functions I wrote into a library that I include. I also renamed functions to follow conventions and wrote the doc blocks for those functions.

For next week I should be documenting the error reporting server codebase. I will probably also add the copyright notice to the required files. There are some refactoring I wanted to do in the access control module. Also I am planning to do something useful to the state like add other states and provide a way to change state.

Weekly update #11 [19/8-25/8]

This week is the second week for the graphs and stats task. This week was the final week of writing new functionality. Next week is docs and tests. This week I added global stats about the different summarizable facts about incidents as well as an incident chart to track incidents. I also corrected some bugs from last week and added some of the recommended functionality by some of the phpmyadmin developers

I started researching unit testing in cakephp. I have written tests before but that was for ruby on rails. Its the same concept but the available facilities are different. I shall start with writing the tests and I hope to finish all the model functions this week but I am not sure yet.

There is no major changes to the database so the old seed file should still work and no major changes to reports.phpmyadmin.net. I refactored a few parts of the codebase since I didn’t feel them elegant enough. There is probably going to be more refactoring in the coming weeks as well.

I will do some refactoring in the phpmyadmin code I wrote. Since the project is nearly over we shall be merging this code soon so it would be good to be prepared for it.

Weekly update #10 [12/8-18/8]

We are nearing the end of the project. This week was graphs. I created pie charts that showed summaries of the incidents in a report. I also added two more summaries so that almost anything that could be summarizable is summarized.

I had used previously a graphing library but it turned out not to be free for commercial use. Since I am not sure what type of use is this I looked for an opensource library that was more flexible and found one that was released under the MIT license.

I also added syntax highlighting in the stack traces to make it easier to see the code snippets. Furthermore I fixed a bug where if the error occurs in error_report.js file then I wouldn’t accept it. I also added another characteristic for grouping error reports which is pma_version. two incidents belong to the same report only if they have the same pma_version.

I created a pull request for the changes here. I still have not prepared the new seed file. This has a new look for the website and I need a new update from the community on the look of the project. I will be crafting an email once I create the seed file.

As for next week I have planned for adding graphs for the entire website like reports per day as well as frequency of reports per pma_version, as well as other summaries that I may find interesting.

Weekly update #9 [4/8-11/8]

This week completes the two week task of adding functionality of grouping exceptions together manually and automatically. I have changed the way of storing the reports in the database from storing all the data in the reports table to storing exceptions in the incidents table and similar incidents are grouped in the reports table.

I have added functionality to group related reports together such that they show the combined information of their incidents in the reports description page. I have also offloaded the code that creates new incidents and reports to the incidents model. I have refactored it to split it into separate functions.

I have also modified code in phpmadmin to anonymize the host name from the error report as well as remove unneeded params such as database and table names. I have also isolated the actual files and php scripts where the exception occurs to be used in grouping the reports together.

I also added some sanitization in html entities that are stored in the database. there needs to be more sanitization done in the coming weeks to cover all the user submitted data.

I created a pull request here for all the changes including some other checkstyle changes. I will also create a new seed file soon for the new changes since the old one would not work anymore.

As for next week it is the first week in another two week task to add graphs to visualize the statistics both for a single report as well as all the reports as a whole. Additionally I would add another field to the report summary which is which page the exception happens in, as well as sanitize the rest of the user submitted fields to prevent XSS.