Weekly update #4 [1/7-7/7]

So this week is the first week with the server side component. I am using cakephp as the server software. I was able to get the requests sent by the client side component as well as store them in the database. I found many problems with the sending code of my client side component but after hours days of trying I was able to resolve them. I was also able to use datatables for the listing of the error reports.

Data tables allows for search, filter and sorting of data and I was able to interface it with the server side so that not all the data would be loaded into the page at once since the number of reports should increase rapidly. Currently you can search, sort as well as filter by status and phpma version as well as by error report id.

Currently there is no show page for the error report. That is left for another week. The tasks for next week should have been github integration. I actually started early and finished most of it this week. However it turns out that we may not be using github as planned after all.

The reason I chose github was for two things. I can use it to get user info such as the name and email address so as to forgo the registration page. Also I was thinking of using its issue tracker with the error reports.

However the phpmyadmin developers do not use github’s issue tracker, they use sourceforge. It was suggested that I use that issue tracker rather than github’s. I believe this to be the better choice but as it was not in the plans I wasted some time implementing a github authentication and api component for cakephp. And sadly the way sourceforge does oauth is different from the way github and all the other oauth providers do it so a part of the code cant be used.

But that is not the problem. The problem is that the authentication part of the api is not well documented. I tried it out but it seemed to give me a server 500 error. I was not able to understand why since no relevant error message was displayed to me.

I have submitted a ticket with sourceforge and hopefully they will reply asap so that I can start working on their authentication system. Another thing is that I am not sure whether to offer github integration with sourceforge or only the latter. Github gives me access to things like name and email which allows me to keep logs of the activities done on a report by the developers. It also gives me access credential to check whether the user is a core developer or not by checking if he has commit access on the main repo. This would allow me to do some access control without an admin system to grant users permissions.

but since we would be mainly using the sourceforge issue tracker and there will be nothing to do with a report except to submit it to sourceforge as a bug or mark it as related to another report so that they are grouped together. if there will be no commenting on reports or subscribing to them then emails and names are of no need and we do not need github authentication. however I have still to discuss this with the core phpmyadmin developers


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