Weekly update #11 [19/8-25/8]

This week is the second week for the graphs and stats task. This week was the final week of writing new functionality. Next week is docs and tests. This week I added global stats about the different summarizable facts about incidents as well as an incident chart to track incidents. I also corrected some bugs from last week and added some of the recommended functionality by some of the phpmyadmin developers

I started researching unit testing in cakephp. I have written tests before but that was for ruby on rails. Its the same concept but the available facilities are different. I shall start with writing the tests and I hope to finish all the model functions this week but I am not sure yet.

There is no major changes to the database so the old seed file should still work and no major changes to reports.phpmyadmin.net. I refactored a few parts of the codebase since I didn’t feel them elegant enough. There is probably going to be more refactoring in the coming weeks as well.

I will do some refactoring in the phpmyadmin code I wrote. Since the project is nearly over we shall be merging this code soon so it would be good to be prepared for it.

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