Weekly update #14 [9/9-15/9]

I would have loved to say that this week I did alot but to say the truth I havent done much. It didnt help that I didnt find anything important to do, but it was mostly because I was swamped with preparations to my travel to Germany. I am writing this report in Germany right now.

As for the current state of the error reporting project. I believe it is ready to be released. I dont have any more clear ideas about how to make the system better. I have created alot of documentation and the server tests cover almost all of the code. I was actually able to do some refactoring relying on those tests safely.

I am creating another pull request with the latest changes. They are not much as stated earlier. I am going to ask the mailing list about what they think one last time. According to google next week is for docs since the soft deadline is tonight. I already created most of the docs but I think I have a little bit of undocumented code that may need some explanation.

I will be talking to my mentors on where to go from here and whether they think I should be doing something important at this time. But till then I will be getting a care free couple of days to enjoy Berlin. Hopefully I will also get the component merged into phpma/master soon.

One thought on “Weekly update #14 [9/9-15/9]

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