Weekly update #15 [16-22/9] FINAL UPDATE

This has been a great GSoC. This was the final week I was working on the project within the GSoC program. I will be doing my evaluations soon. My code in phpMyAdmin has not been merged yet. However the server side code is complete with tests. I am hoping I will be merging the phpMA branch very soon.

This week I have done a major change to the way stacktraces are marked as different among the different incidents, to make it more versatile when reports are grouped. I have also corrected whatever few comments were given on the phpma code.

For the future work, I am going to change the way a part of the phpma code works. I want to output js in the ajax requests rather than json. js gets automatically executed and would simplify the client side js code a lot. However the current implementation of PMA_Response class does not allow js as far as I can tell. I am either going to use ‘echo’ statements or I will have to augment the response class to allow for js responses. I will also talk with my mentor about the best way for me to do this.

I hope that I will do well in my evaluations. I will definitely apply here again next year and hopefully they would have liked my previous work and accept me. This project was very appealing and interesting and allowed me to hone a lot of my web development abilities. It also taught me about designing a good architecture and about the intricacies of cakePHP. I was given freedom in many design choices and I learned from my mistakes. I also created a lot of unit tests. This was my first experience with PHPunit and I learned a lot.

This was my first work in opensource projects but hopefully it wouldn’t be the last. I am going to release at least one of the authentication components I have created as a cakePHP plugin so that no one else needs to reinvent the wheel. I will expand on them a bit and then add some unit tests and release them as a separate plugin. Hopefully this will be the first of many opensource projects that I will create.

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