Weekly update #9 [4/8-11/8]

This week completes the two week task of adding functionality of grouping exceptions together manually and automatically. I have changed the way of storing the reports in the database from storing all the data in the reports table to storing exceptions in the incidents table and similar incidents are grouped in the reports table.

I have added functionality to group related reports together such that they show the combined information of their incidents in the reports description page. I have also offloaded the code that creates new incidents and reports to the incidents model. I have refactored it to split it into separate functions.

I have also modified code in phpmadmin to anonymize the host name from the error report as well as remove unneeded params such as database and table names. I have also isolated the actual files and php scripts where the exception occurs to be used in grouping the reports together.

I also added some sanitization in html entities that are stored in the database. there needs to be more sanitization done in the coming weeks to cover all the user submitted data.

I created a pull request here for all the changes including some other checkstyle changes. I will also create a new seed file soon for the new changes since the old one would not work anymore.

As for next week it is the first week in another two week task to add graphs to visualize the statistics both for a single report as well as all the reports as a whole. Additionally I would add another field to the report summary which is which page the exception happens in, as well as sanitize the rest of the user submitted fields to prevent XSS.